Bennett Cattle Company

Premium Grass-Fed
Black Angus Beef –
From Our Pasture
to Your Plate

Experience the Bennett Difference At Bennett Cattle Company, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality grass-fed Black Angus beef. Our straightforward process ensures that you receive the finest cuts of meat from our pasture to your dinner table.

  1. Place your order: Select your preferred beef package and pay a small deposit to secure your purchase.
  2. We handle the processing: We deliver your beef to Panhandle Processors, our trusted partner, who expertly prepares your meat according to your preferences.
  3. Enjoy your beef: Once your meat is ready, we deliver it frozen and vacuum-sealed to your doorstep. Simply pay the balance upon delivery, and you’re all set to savor the premium taste of our grass-fed beef.
Proudly Local

Nestled in the heart of Canyon, TX, Bennett Cattle Co. is a family-owned and operated Black Angus Cattle ranch. Our dedication to top-quality, grass-fed beef is unmatched, as we never use antibiotics or growth hormones. Selling directly to customers like you, we guarantee an unparalleled farm-to-table experience.

Customize your beef to perfection with our finishing programs, offering corn, grain, and protein options. With strong ties to reputable meat processors, we ensure your beef is aged for 3-4 weeks, vacuum-sealed, and seasoned to your liking!

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We’ve been Raising the Steaks

We’re the Bennett Family. We’ve been raising livestock together since 2015.

Bennett Cattle Company Family - We raise Black Angus Beef

Cattle Ranching: A Bennett Family Tradition

We’re committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and treat our cattle with utmost care. Working together and passing knowledge through generations, we proudly deliver exceptional grass-fed beef to kitchens across West Texas from our pastures in Canyon, Texas.